subversion new project recipe

Other folks have written very nice documentation about what version control is and how to use Subversion. This document describes how to create a new project in Subversion.

#create repository
svnadmin create ~/svn

#add the project and trunk directories  (here I don't quite actually do it -- I should add a couple directories deep)

svn mkdir  --parents file:///home/username/svn/whitelist

#on a windows machine, the command may work with an explicit drive letter in it

svn mkdir --parents file:///c:/rl/svn_repos/whitelist

#enlist in the trunk project

svn checkout file:///home/rjl/svn/whitelist .

#tell subversion the names of the files in the trunk project

svn add *

#actually upload the files into the project

svn commit

#modify a file

emacs folders.rc

#see if there are any files that should be in the project that are not

svn status

#send the latest files up there

svn commit